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A College Board Members Role

Context & purpose of EREA School Boards

For many years, the Christian Brothers, and now Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA), have invited members of School communities to participate in School Board decision making processes.

EREA recognises the service, wisdom and expertise provided by EREA School Boards and is committed to continuing to provide support, and to enhance the important role of EREA School Boards in their contribution to the Governance of EREA Schools.

EREA School Boards are an integral part of the good Governance of EREA Schools, and enhance the mission of Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition. The EREA Board invites committed persons to be a part of the governance and decision-making related to the conduct of Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition. EREA School Boards work collaboratively with School Principals and with the EREA Executive to provide quality stewardship aimed at offering the best possible learning environment for students attending EREA Schools. Such a role will endeavour to ensure that the School remains faithful to the EREA Charter and to be sustainable into the future.

The DESIGN for EREA School Boards (The Design)

The DESIGN for EREA School Boards applies to all Schools governed by EREA. It has been developed to provide clarity for EREA School Board members on the role of EREA School Boards. It further outlines the responsibilities of EREA School Boards; appointment processes; as well as providing information pertaining to size and composition of EREA School Boards, committees and working parties, and the EREA School Board Handbook.

The DESIGN has been developed to acknowledge, guide and support those who serve on an EREA School Board in the realisation of Edmund’s dream through making clear the authority, responsibilities and accountabilities of those involved in the ministry of governance.

Expectations of EREA School Board Members

School Board members are usually offered an initial three year appointment, and are expected to participate in ongoing Formation activities in both Mission & Governance. EREA School Boards meet in the evenings on a number of occasions each year. Board members may also be invited to join a committee of the Board which may require a further time commitment. In order to ensure efficient and effective meetings, Board members would be expected to read all papers prior to the meeting; engage in deliberations and support the outcomes of such; and to uphold the Code of Conduct for EREA School Board members.

Further information about EREA, as well as the contact details for each of our Schools, may be found on the EREA Website