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Senior School

ACT Qualifications

Students at St Edmund's College study courses accredited by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS). Students may be issued the following qualifications and statements.

  • ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and Record of Achievement
  • Tertiary Entrance Statement
  • Statement of Achievement
  • VET Certificates and Statements of Attainment

Further information about these qualifications can be found on the BSSS website - ACT Qualifications

Please Note

As a result of the Review of Certification in 2014, there are significant changes in the naming of credentials in 2015.

  • A testamur named the "Australian Capital Territory Senior Secondary Certificate" will be introduced and will sit side by side with;
  • A record of results named the "Australian Capital Territory Senior Secondary Record of Achievement" (previously called the ACT Year 12 Certificate)
  • The name of the Tertiary Entrance Statement will remain unchanged.
  • A record of results named the "Australian Capital Territory Statement of Achievement" (previously called the Australian Capital Territory Secondary College Record") will be issued to students who do not qualify for a certificate.

The decision to study at Senior level at St Edmund's College will ensure that the student continues to grow towards maturity in many facets of his personal development. First and foremost, he will be provided with ample opportunity to develop his spiritual life through the compulsory Religious Education program as well as the liturgical and prayer life of the College. The senior retreat program is an important and integral part of this spiritual dimension of senior study.

Secondly, the academic program is designed for both the ambitious and motivated student who seeks academic success and strives for University entrance through the University Admission Index (UAI), as well as the less academically gifted student who seeks a solid Senior Secondary Certificate with a view to further vocational training and employment. As such, tertiary course packages are available as well as accredited course packages to suit the needs of the full spectrum of senior students. Vocational courses continue to be introduced into the Curriculum to meet the needs of students.

Thirdly, the co-curricular program offered by the College, of which every student is expected to become involved, provides a wide range of sporting and cultural pursuits for which St Edmund's College is renowned.

Finally, these programs are conducted in an atmosphere of strong pastoral care of every student by the professional staff of St Edmund's College. The senior students, as is the case with all of the students, are expected and encouraged to have pride in themselves and their school. Our standards and expectations are high, but not unrealistic. The students' journey towards maturity is guided skilfully by the staff such that by graduation day, we are proud to congratulate a young Christian gentleman.

Senior Social Justice Program

The idea of the Senior Social Justice Program is to encourage the senior students to be conscious and well informed of people, organizations and issues within the wider community. The Senior Social Justice Program has been designed to contribute in the growth of each senior student as a Christian person.

The prime objective of the program is to develop in students a sense of responsibility beyond the narrow vision of self and to allow them to put their understanding of community into concrete action. This is achieved through:

  • Teaching modules which communicate the concepts behind community service and the meaning of community development;
  • Encouraging students to reflect on the reason for community service and discussions of relative responsibilities of each member of the community to others; o Allowing students to plan projects and use the competencies that they have learnt in the classroom and from other learning environments;
  • Creating opportunities for caring interaction between students and the wider community which involve exposure to the less fortunate or people with high needs; and
  • Providing a climate whereby students give feedback to their peer group on the experiences they have and the meaning of those experiences within their Catholic education.

The Social Justice Program in Year 11 consists of guest speakers and visiting community service sites. In Year 12, students are required to complete 20 hours of community service.

To download a copy of our Senior Handbook and Course Guide please go to Policies Publications & Procedures.


Senior Advisor

Mr Ian Harvey
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