Literary Magazine

Celebrating the work of our students is essential if we are going to encourage boys to succeed. Our production of Undercurrent is an important way to bring the students’ work to a wide audience.

Work submitted for our magazine has been of a great standard and it is a pleasure to see boys develop their creative skills.  A digital format allows us to have access to work 24 hours a day. It also allows us to include digital creations and narratives.

This is increasingly part of the curriculum at St Edmunds’ College as we move into the 21st Century and embrace the changing face of education with ICT. The Undercurrent online magazine can be accessed from Studywiz as well as our school website.

Our online magazine is a little experimental at this stage but we see it growing and developing into a rich and interesting resource that can be accessed by students, staff and parents.

Prizes are available for first and second in the middle school, high school and senior school.

For further information please contact Mr Damian Borgia

Students may submit pieces via the Undercurrent Link in StudyWiz