Fishing & Outdoor Recreation

Welcome to the recreational fishing and outdoor education information session:

This initiative will not only provide students who do not consider themselves sport orientated or students with learning and physical disadvantages to enjoy a recreational activity and still feel they are contributing to the schools Co Curricula program. We believe this will be a fantastic venture as well as expose students to future Vocational possibilities such as Fisheries, Tourism, Sport ventures, Meteorology and Aquaculture. A big thank you must go to Rob Paxevanos who has taken time out to be our guest speaker and provide valuable support for this program. Also thankyou to Jonathon Pini an ex-student who helped organise the program for future students to enjoy.

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Program Overview

  • Family weekends & excursions to surrounding rivers and lakes Jindabyne, Lake Tuggeranong, Lake Burley Griffin, Eucumbene, Tuross, Googong
  • Stream rehabilitation and noxious weed removal on Canberra NSW waterways (ACT Government)
  • Custom lure making “Dennis the Menace Lures” using the TAS departments support, lures will be custom made to not only acknowledge the late Dennis Moreau but proceeds will be donated to a worthwhile charity
  • Fishing Habitats: Learning about the different habitats that fish live in and how to catch them
  • Playing It Safe: How to fish effectively but safely /survival skills
  • Fish ID: How to identify different fish species
  • How to help fishing ecosystems /hatchery visit
  • Different types of fishing: Beach, Spinning, Bottom Bouncing  (please note: no rock fishing or dangerous activities)
  • Reading Fish Finders  and GPS
  • Boating: boat licence online parents support required for training their sons on weekends
  • How to run lures using downriggers and outriggers
  • Weather How the weather affects the type of fish you catch /reading weather maps
  • Reading Water: Beaches, rivers, estuaries etc
  • Baits & Lures Preparing you bait: putting it on the hooks
  • Tying Fly’s Wet & Dry as well as Rod Building skills
  • Promote Catch and Release: To catch a fish and release it alive
  • Matching The Hatch: Learning about what fish eat and how to choose what lure to use
  • Tying Nots & Rigs: how to make them and what there good for,
  • Tackle Care / Types Of Tackle (hooks, line, sinkers, rods, reels etc)
  • Trips to the DPI offices
  • Entering fishing comps such as Canberra Carp Out, Carp-a-thon, ABT (Australian Bream Bass or Barra Tournament) Go on Charter Boats
  • Stealth like approach to fishing: how to approach fish that get scared easily
  • Fishing Camps and family weekend fishing tournaments
  • How to read a tide guide
  • Different styles of casting: Suspender, Skipper etc
  • Different styles of lure retrieving & Playing the Fish, Catching fish on Light gear
  • Structure: Man Made, snags, reefs, rock walls etc
  • How to get out of snags
  • Polarised Glasses and fishing
  • Camp oven cooking

We recommend that you have a look at Rob Paxevanos's Facebook

TV presenter Rob Paxevanos who has more than 17 years’ experience as a professional fishing guide around Australia, Rob is also the host for WIN’s FISHING AUSTRALIA, which premiered in 2001. Rob currently writes features for leading Australian fishing magazines including, Fishing World and Freshwater Fishing. He is guest writer for numerous sporting and travel magazines both in Australia and overseas and also has a weekly column with the Rural Press network of newspapers that has been running for
over nine years.