Eddie’s Gardening Club provides students the opportunity to learn about where ‘real food’ comes from through vegetable and herb gardening in a fun, social environment.

Originally founded as a Yr 10 science project, the garden has now opened to become a Co Curricula activity. Through generous support of time, skills and tools from students, teachers and parents, the garden has now grown to house various raised garden beds, a worm farm, its own greenhouse and composting facility.

The gardening program takes the students through an annual calendar of garden planting, maintenance and harvesting. Produce from the garden is used by the canteen and Food Science Department to provide an organic option and help reduce food mileage.

The Gardening Club meets every Tuesday at 3.30pm – 4.30pm and Friday lunchtimes.

If you have surplus gardening items you would like to donate to the club,
please call Mrs Jennifer Harvey on 6239 0642 or