Choir and School Vocal Group

College Vocal Group

2015 has seen the start of the College Vocal Group.

Why do we want boys to sing?

Because it’s a new opportunity for boys to participate in the performing arts that hasn’t occurred at St Edmund's College for quite a few years.

  •         We audition and work with boys in the Age Year levels 7 to12
  •         Where we are going to sing  Every Thursday afternoon 3:45-4:45pm.

Where will we sing?

We will start with assemblies and nursing homes (which helps count as community service hours for seniors!) and next year we are aiming for events such as the Kingston markets, Floriade, Eisteddfods, other EREA schools in Sydney and carols around Christmas.  

Contact details if boys or parents would like to know more please contact

Kat Allan 

Margaret Thomas


Singing Blues is for Middle School Boys Years 4 to 6 and they make us very proud!

The Boys sing at Open Days and Floriade and work very hard to help others with song.

Please contact Margaret Thomas