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Old Boys & Friends Association

The Association's Website

The Old Boys and Friends Association have their own website that allows online membership sign up, newsletter subscription and more. We encourage you to visit their site.


With a history spanning over 60 years we would like to encourage all Old Boys & Friends to remain involved in the College community, attend College activities or to just stay in touch or locate lost friends.

2015 saw the commencement of the Old Boys & Friends Association looking to take over where the original Alumni left off, the Association is slightly different than the original Alumni as it is focused on incorporating the College Community as a whole.

Membership is open to all former students, their families, past and present College staff and people who have had an association with the College are welcome to join.

The Old Boys & Friends Association Objectives:

  • Facilitate an ongoing relationship within the greater college community, and establish and maintain a sense of belonging and inclusiveness to St Edmund's College Canberra
  • Encourage social interaction between its members and the college community, inclusive of the facilitation of College re-unions
  • Provide or assist in the provision of facilities for academic, sporting and cultural awareness within the College
  • To preserve, promote and strengthen the ideals, traditions and history of the College
  • To raise the level of pride in being an Eddies Old Boy.
  • Raise the level of pride and awareness amongst current students that former students and friends are involved in the school community

The Association will aim to bring together the school community with a regular newsletter, which will include a range of events each year for us to catch up, have a laugh and return some support to the school. Initial plans include Eddies' sporting game catch ups, a golf day, community day, luncheons and dinners. 

Commencement date for the Association was 25 July 2015. Invitations were sent out to invite all Old Boys & Friends to become a member. You are welcome to just join to receive the communications as there is no pressure to attend events. Please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in being involved. Your help would be appreciated.


The committee members:

Matt de Jongh (President)

Matt Percy (Treasurer)

Mary-Jane McLeod (Secretary)

Germaine Muller (Web and IT Support)

Chris Duncan (Events Manager)

Michael Moloney (Historian)

Simone Movsessian (Marketing Manager, St Edmund's College)

Marnie Edwards (Information Officer)

Luke Gersekowski (School Captain, St Edmund's College) 

Darren Leech (Deputy Principal, St Edmund's College)

Nick Overall (Public Relations/Marketing) 

Rod Skvorc (Sponsorship/Fundraising) 



If you need any photos for an upcoming event, please fill out the online request form.