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Scholarship Fund

Inspired by the charism of Edmund Rice the Canberra Scholarship Fund (SECC Scholarship Fund) was established to give financial assistance to marginalised or disadvantaged families so that the cost of educating their sons would be alleviated.

Since its inception in 1988 the SECC Scholarship Fund has supported the education of over 100 young men at St Edmund’s College in Canberra.

Your donation to the SECC Scholarship Fund will enable families in need of help in educating their sons leaving a lasting legacy that will benefit current students as well as students for generations to come.

The Scholarship’s fund aim is to support families:

  • Who are experiencing financial barriers that may limit their ability to provide an Edmund Rice Education for their sons.
  • Provide appropriate fee relief to ensure the boys have the quality education that they deserve.
  • At times tragedy may effect the families of our Old Boys and during these times of crisis, the SECC Scholarship Fund will look to offer support where possible so students are able continue their education at St Edmund’s College without disruption.
  • To improve educational access for Indigenous young people in the Canberra region.
  • To assist with the costs of school related expenses, such as uniforms or excursions.

The Eddies House Project 

The Scholarship Fund initiated the idea of building a house with the support of the Old Boys and wider College community to help raise much needed funds to meet the demands of those families who need support.

The project began in 2014 and was completed in May 2015 and successfully auctioned on Saturday 30 May.

The College and Scholarship Fund is grateful for the support received from the many sponosrs and old boys without their support this project would not have happened.

You can access more information by going to the website and learn more about the Old Boys and Friends network or register to join, recieve updates on events and reunions.

Easy Ways to Donate

You are welcome to make a donation online please include your full name and contact details and if you are a current family the College Code so we may provide you with a receipt.

The Scholarship Fund will use donations to help current and future students whose personal circumstances prohibit their families from giving their sons an education.

For additional information relating to the Scholarship Fund please contact the Development Office or on 02 6239 0673

If you are seeking financial relief or assistance for your son please contact the Principals office on 02 6239 0621.