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Junior School

Junior School Pastoral Care

In Junior School (Years 4-6) at St. Edmund's College we aim to provide a strong platform for our young adolescents to move with confidence into the Senior School. Strong Pastoral Care is an integral part of Junior School here at the College. Pastoral Care is provided by class teachers in Years 4-6. We aim to foster strong relationships between staff and students to help the boys achieve their full potential socially, academically and spiritually. Junior School is designed to prepare the boys for the challenges of adolescence by equipping them with skills to cope with change and by providing a smooth transition to the Senior School.

Behaviour Management

All boys in Junior School classes adhere to the 5 Non-Negotiables for the classroom.

  • Every Teacher has the right to teach and every student has the right to learn
  • We encourage a pride in seeking your 'personal best' in all aspects of life 
  • Respect for self, others and property
  • Everyone has a right to feel safe and happy
  • Right place, right time, right equipment, right attitude

All students are expected to adhere to the 5 Non-Negotiables. Rules for play and inside the classroom are made clear by each class teacher and tutor. There is a strict 'Hands Off' policy in the Junior School. Any boys caught breaking any school rule automatically receives a timeout detention. A timeout detention is served during lunchtime in a designated area. Teachers manning the timeout room provide an exercise in restorative justice to help the student understand where he has made a poor choice. This sheet is taken home and signed by a parent/guardian and then returned to the class teacher/tutor the very next day.

After a student has been given 3 timeout detentions he automatically receives an afternoon detention which is generally held on a Tuesday.