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Student Services

Absentees Yrs 7-12

If your son is absent from school you will receive an SMS message if you have not called on the day or in advance to notify us of your son/s absence from school.  If  you receive an SMS  message you are to able to reply back to that number. If doing so please include your son/s name and reason for his absence.  Your SMS comes back and email is filed as a record of your son/s absence. Please note this number is not contactable as its our service provider  number so if you need to ring please do so on 6239 0694.

Requests in advance for absences from school for holidays, family leave, surgery or other circumstances should be submitted in writing to the Principal's Office or via email to When possible, please submit your requests at least two weeks prior to the anticipated absence.

What Should You Do

If your son is absent from School

  • Telephone Student Services (6239 0694) on the day of the absence (Junior School Parents should ring Arlene Gray on 6239 0608)
  • Your son should also bring a note of explanation on the day of return to the College.

If your son is late for School your son should

  • Report to Students Services and have the details recorded
  • Junior school students report to Arlene Gray
  • Show the late pass to the class teacher
  • Take the late pass home for the parent/guardian to sign
  • Return the signed late pass to Student Services.

If your son has an appointment during school hours your son should

  • Present a note to the Head of House for approval in the morning
  • Report to Student Services with the note singed by the Head of House prior to departure.
  • Junior school present a note to his class Teacher

If, for some exceptional reason, your son is unable to wear the full school uniform your son should

  • Bring a note from his parent to explain the situation and give it to the Head of House who will initial and date this note.
  • Junior school students present a note to his class Teacher

If your son loses some property your son should

  • Report the loss to the class teacher and Head of House immediately and enquire at Lost Property and have a look at the "Lost and Found" page on this website.

If your son misses an assessment task in Year 10, 11 and 12

  • Contact the Studies Office immediately on 6239 0618

If your son must leave during the school term

  • Request permission for this leave in advance, in writing. The note must be addressed to the Principal.

If your son needs assistance with personal problems

  • Consult with the Classroom Teacher or Head of House or, if necessary the College Counsellor 6239 0606

If you change your address, telephone number

  • Notify the College in writing as soon as possible.

If your son has money to hand in for fees, excursions or other reason

  • This money must be placed in a sealed envelope with the amount, purpose and your name, House and/or home room clearly written on it
  • The envelope should be handed in at the Cashier’s Office by your son as soon as he arrives at the College.

If you have any problems accessing CANVAS, please contact Mrs Dianne Lines.

Parent Teacher Interview Booking System (The online booking system) is available for parents Yrs 4 -12 only. Queries regarding passwords should be directed to Maree Ford (Senior school) or Arlene Gray (Junior school).


Dianne Lines
Head of Library Services and Information Resources
6239 0619

Maree Ford
6239 0610

Arlene Gray