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Vision & Mission

Vision - Achieving today. Leading tomorrow.

St Edmund's College is a dynamic Catholic all boys school, an inclusive educational community committed to living the message of Jesus Christ in the spirit of Edmund Rice.

Achieving today. Leading tomorrow.
A Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition.


Our personal best in all we do.
Education that is inclusive, creative and challenging.
Personal growth through faith, compassion and courage.


Vibrant communities that seek equity and justice,
by example through service to others,
with humility, respect and honour.

Our Beliefs

The St Edmund's College Community believes that:

  • It responds to the call of God to promote the message of Jesus Christ in the tradition of Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers and live out the Gospel values.
  • It is called to understand, live, promote and to transmit the value of Christianity in the authentic Catholic tradition.
  • Education is a collaborative process which acknowledges the role of parents as the prime educators of their children.

Our Mission

The Mission of St Edmund's College is to:

  • Provide a quality of Christian education for boys
  • Provide a quality education in faith
  • Teach, develop and be a living example of Christian values
  • Develop in our students their capacity to become men able to make a positive difference in our world
  • Recognise and nurture the unique qualities of all our students and staff and to strive for the creation and maintenance of an environment that is caring, safe and rewarding

Our Challenges

St Edmund's College is challenged to:

  • Provide an environment where Christian values can be lived, taught and contrasted with those of the surrounding secular society
  • Recognise and fully develop the different gifts of each student
  • Support and encourage teachers to pass on the Christian tradition through their contact with students
  • Teach a curriculum which meets the needs of each student and enables him to take his place in Australian society
  • Support parents in the development of their children
  • Encourage students to work for the good of others in our society
  • Foster and advance the Gospel value of service to others through self sacrifice
  • Produce active Catholic citizens and leaders for the Community